lunes, 22 de octubre de 2018

Luke from The Borough- 4th form

Today we had a surprise visit for 4th form... Luke from Ireland. He came to our school to tell them about the English immersion camps that take place at The Borough in Mercedes.

He introduced himself and told us that he was from Ireland. He told us a few things about his country and about the immersion camps that he leads together with many other english-speaking people.
He also told us that these camps are not only about learning and practising English, they are about meeting new people and learning about other cultures.
Before he left, we played some camp-like games outside. It was great fun!!

Thank you for visiting us, Luke! Can´t wait to meet you again at The Borough!

 Introducing ourselves

 Mingle and Splat

 River bank


sábado, 20 de octubre de 2018

Interviewing great people! 3rd, 6th and 7th forms

English Annual Project 2018: Real Communication!

Sebastián Papandrea, aeronautical engineer, pilot and father of Julieta from 3rd form, visited us last Thursday to share his knowledge and passion with us.

In 3rd form, he explained how planes fly. Pupils asked him questions about his job, his training and experience and even about his favourite planes and why the first class area is so small.
After talking and learning lots of new things, he showed us how to make a good paper plane, we made our own and then checked them out outside!

Next, Sebastián went to give another talk in 6th and 7th. This time about industrial automation. We discussed what robots are and how they work. We watched very interesting videos to reflect on how robots are different to humans, how they changed our lives and how useful they can be.

Sebastián, thank you very much for your very inspiring visit!!!

Sun clocks- 2nd form

Celebrating Cultural Differences Project 2018
Scientist: Isaac Newton

2nd graders keep learning lots about the life of Isaac and his inventions. This time, they learnt that young Isaac loved creating objects, and one of them was the sun clock. To experience Isaac feelings when designing and making things, they made their own sun clocks and tried them out!

Could you tell me the time, please?

A visit to the Planetarium- 6th and 7th forms

Celebrating Cultural Differences Project 2018
Scientist: Galileo Galilei

6th and 7th forms visited the Planetarium to learn more about the solar system. They listened to a talk in English about the Milky Way, the planets in our solar system, the Sun and the Moon.

Once back at school, they made models of the solar system in groups.

A project out of this world!

Campamento del Primer Ciclo

¡Así se vivió!

Actividad de Articulación

Sala de 5 y 1er grado recorrieron la escuela, hicieron psicomotricidad, fueron al aula de 1er grado a compartir una actividad literaria y una de juegos matemáticos. Finalmente compartieron un rico desayuno todos juntos.

Sistema Digestivo- 5to grado

Quinto grado estuvo trabajando sobre el sistema digestivo y se animó a armar un modelo sobre el mismo.

martes, 2 de octubre de 2018

English Open Classes 2018

September... month of our English Open Classes!

We´d love to thank all families for taking part in this year´s open classes and sharing with us what we do every afternoon.

In the following photos you will see the highlights of each class... games, songs, competitions and more!

1st form: The Senses- Popcorn experience

2nd form: Animal Kingdom

3rd form: Moods and Feelings

4th form: Health issues

5th form: Flyers Mix

 6th form: Revision challenge

7th form: Rules discussion

Campaña de la buena postura- 4to grado

La campaña de la buena postura salió a las calles y los alumnos y alumnas de 4to grado repartieron folletos informativos a gente y negocios de la zona.

Pernoctada 2018

Así se vivió la pernoctada en la escuela con los alumnos y alumnas de primer ciclo...
¡¡Ya falta menos para el campamento!!!