martes, 31 de mayo de 2016

"...and you?" Getting to know each other in Third Form.

In third form we work hard, really hard. Our afternoons are chock-full of acquiring a new language and new tricks in Chess and Circus. While we value the new grammatical forms that we are gaining an understanding on, we realize the best way we can deeply learn our new skills in English is by using them in real life situations. So, we need to speak, a lot! And who better to practice with than our friends in class!  We get a lot of opportunities to show Miss Becca that we can speak English in class. But just speaking a sentence or two in isolation isn't enough. No, we need to have full conversations. So recently we've done some activities where we do just that. One activity that we have done is find a partner and have a small conversation. We asked them about their likes and dislikes. We learned a lot about each other! Have a look at the video below!

Another activity we did to practice speaking involved reading. We read some facts about some animals. At the end there were some questions. We rolled the dice and ask our partners to ask the questions that corresponded with the dice. They answered based on the reading. If only all of our conversations could be a game! Take a look!

In conclusion, we hope that you enjoyed watching us speak English as much as we Enjoy speaking it. Tune in to see what we come up with next!

Game On First Form!

Queridas Familias:

Debido a que en 7mo somos padrinos y madrinas de 1ro, la semana pasada compartimos una tarde de juegos, diversión y aprendizaje con nuestros pequeños amiguitos...

Preparing the games was not easy though. In groups, Marti G, Martu Z, Viole, Paz, Sofi, Maribel, Anita, Dona, Juli, Juampi, Gian, Ferchu, Rami, Santi, Juani, Tomi, and Juanchi designed 4 games, created the rules for each one of them and prepared all the materials needed!

We went downstairs to get our friends ready and we started playing...

Juli and Fernán helped them get ready...

Maribel made them sing a song!
They even had to form a pyramid!

Then, we invited the little ones to our classroom to continue playing...

No peeping allowed!

Which is the odd-one-out?

Also, we had lots of fun with our own version of the well-known "Pictionary"...

Finally, we finished our afternoon games day playing...

Unfortunately, we were all too busy having fun while playing our last game so there are no photos, but you can ask your children what it was like!

Before saying goodbye, I'd like to share some reflections made by 7th-graders:

Thanks Tati, Nadia and Fernanda for spending the afternoon with us!

1st and 7th form

Primero la Ciencia

En primero estamos investigando los materiales que nos rodean.

Hay materiales sólidos y líquidos, pero ¿cuál es cuál? 

Intentamos clasificarlos y pensamos que los sólidos son duros y no se mueven pero se pueden romper. En cambio los líquidos no se rompen, necesitan un tupper para no caerse y se mueven muy rápido.
Pero los líquidos, ¿son todos iguales?

Descubrimos que no son todos iguales, algunos son transparentes y otros no. 

¡Seguimos investigando!
Hasta la próxima...

domingo, 29 de mayo de 2016

Los lunes y viernes tienen movimiento!!

En la pileta los mas chicos disfrutan de zambullirse de diferentes formas desde la colchoneta al agua...

                                         Mientras tanto...en Campo...
Una buena entrada en calor antes de hacer deporte, viene bien, y mejor aun, si la hacemos jugando...

 Las chicas de 3º y 4º grado tratando de entrar al laberinto y poder salir de el sin quedarse atrapadas....

Por suerte lo lograron, ganaron y perdieron puntos, pero todas convirtieron muchos goles!!!

Los chicos de 3º y 4º grado finalizando la clase con un partido de fútbol con varios goleadores  estrellas ...

Hace dos semanas se sumaron a nuestras clases Isabel (una bocha que habla y se ríe) y un mini palo de hockey que aun no tiene nombre (así que invitamos a las chicas de 3º y 4º que vayan pensando algún nombre para el). Isabel se va por una semana a la casa de la alumna mas colaboradora y compañera de la clase, y el mini palo se va a la casa de la alumna que progreso y se destaco en esa clase.
En esta foto se llevo a Isabel, Juana y el Mini palo,  Belen.
La ultima ganadora del palo fue Vicky que nos mando esta foto en la que esta feliz porque hizo lo firmar por una Leona: Paula Ortiz, Gracias Vicky!!!

jueves, 26 de mayo de 2016

Immersion Camp - Mercedes 2016

Our immersion camp.

We finally made it! Last year, teachers and parents embarked on this wonderful journey of immersion. Through a lot of effort, special activities and a delicious and varied kiosk, 6th form kids were able to participate on this camp, held in Mercedes. Here are some images to illustrate the fantastic experience it was.

It all started in the bus, we were the second school to be picked up, along with Euskal Echea, from Lomas de Zamora, and Oak Hill, from Núñez. We were really excited.

Some were more excited than others...

When we got there, we went through customs, and counsellors checked that we had no items in Spanish. After that, we moved to the back field (it was really large and green) and made an oath to speak any language but English.

Our rooms were clean, warm and cozy. We slept wonderfully.

The counsellors explained to us what was the camp about and we set out to paint our clans t-shirts. They were very artful.

Amazing sunset, blazing bonfire and tasty Smores.

We then applied for jobs

Doing our jobs. Everyone had something to do.

Play night. The kids wrote their own plays. Then, they designed the costumes, practiced and acted them out! It was a lot of fun.

Next day: Boot camp! It was the introduction to the Highland games. The kids had to work out in order to prepare themselves for the tiring, harsh expierience that were the true Scottish games.

The Highland Games, at last! They involved physical and mental dexterity, with a great dose of fun and laughs. It truly was an amazing experience and cultural intake.

Even though we had a mishap on the way back, we learned a lot about culture, art, music, English... But above all, friendship through the toughest times. We learned to support each other, to be with each other and to be better people surrounded by our dearest friends. 

Thanks to each and everyone that made this possible. 

We love you, 
6th form.