miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2018

Clase especial de basquet

El viernes pasado tuvimos una clase especial de basquet a cargo de Pancho y Carla que son ex jugador y actual jugadora de este deporte.
La idea de estas clases es que los chicos aprendan y experimenten los fundamentos básicos de deportes que no practicamos todos los días, en este caso, los del basquet son: picar, pasar y lanzar la pelota.
También conocieron algunos aspectos reglamentarios y pudieron vivenciarlos desde la propia experiencia a través de juegos y actividades.
Esta clase de dúo en el marco de una situación muy especial para quienes aman el deporte que es la retirada de Manu Ginóbili, de quien también hablamos con nuestros alumnos.
Aquí compartimos algunas imágenes y videos de la hermosa jornada del viernes pasado y un regalito especial de cuando Carla compartió con Manu el amor por este deporte.
Gracias Carla y Pancho por lo que prepararon para los chicos y a los chicos por las ganas que pusieron en participar!

lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2018

An english talk, a fascinating topic, a passionate speaker!

English Annual Project: Real Communication!
Celebrating Cultural Differences Project 2018: Scientists!

Last week, Carolina Domaica, immunologist and mother of Amelie from 2nd form, came to share her passion with us... in English!

She visited 2nd and 7th form and explained to us what she does at her job. We learned about viruses, bacteria and the immune system. Our students showed great interest and curiosity and asked Carolina lots of questions.

They were inspired by her presentation and amazed at the tiny but incredible world of bugs.

It was a very pleasant talk where our students could learn not only about such a complex topic but also that scientists are just ordinary people who are very curious about everything that´s around us.

Thank you for your visit, Carolina!!

The senses- 1st form

To put in practice everything they´ve been learning about the senses, 1st form prepared some delicious popcorn last week!
They reflected on what they could smell while cooking popcorn, on the sound it made as it popped, they could see the popcorn adopting a different shape and size, they also touched it and discussed how it felt, and finally tasted it.
All this was recorded in worksheets in their copybooks.
Good job, 1st form!

jueves, 30 de agosto de 2018

English Immersion Camp 2018

Students from 5th and 6th form spent last weekend at The Borough in Mercedes immersed in an English-speaking camp which they shared with native speakers from Australia, England, USA and South Africa.

A visit to another country is recreated to achieve full immersion in the language. That is why we had to go through Customs filling in forms, where they checked our luggage and even confiscated a few items that had labels in Spanish.

After that, we were warmly received by the Reception staff who took us to our rooms! 
How exciting!




 Once we were accommodated, we were ready to start enjoying this English adventure!

We met our counselors and also students from Santa María school through fun games.

There was a big dining room where we had our meals and where we did lots of activities...

After the getting-to-know-each-other games, we were ready to taste typical English flavors! Mac&Cheese and Banoffee pie! Yummy!

Our beauties having fun...posing for some cool pics!

One of the most popular activities at the camp is applying for a job at the Employment Agency. Our students completed their applications after choosing from the options in the Classifieds: Shop assistant, bank teller, party planner, ecology guard, sports assistant and reporter.

It was then time to get ready to develop our Superhero characters... in order to be accepted at the Superhero Academy, we needed to succeed in printing our own T-shirts!
Challenge faced! Task achieved!

After a long day of superhero work and tremendous excitement, we celebrated the fun with more fun! Singing and dancing around the campfire and learning to prepare delicious s´mores proved to be excellent ways to keep us warm and make our hearts happy.

A s´more is a traditional nighttime campfire treat popular in the US which consists of a fire-roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two crackers.

We were all very good at hiding our superhero persona with our secret identities. Camouflaged as civilians, we personalized our superhero costumes for the upcoming Superhero Party!

Superhero costume workshop

As part of the cultural aspect of the programme, we learnt about typical meals, traditional games and dances, some history and folklore.

We made chocolate chip cookies which we later had for snacks.

We played different versions of dodgeball.

And danced cha cha slide, Cotton-Eyed Joe and other popular songs.

In the evening, we put on our best superhero costumes and attended the Superhero Show. One team at a time went on stage and through songs, chants and roleplay explained what their superpowers were.

All this under the surveillance and loving watch of Superteachers!

On our last day at The Borough we exchanged money at the bank and bought souvenirs at the shop.




Time for lunch! Delicious burgers and fries! Would anybody like seconds?

Most of us would have loved to stay longer but at the same time, we were eager to share with our families all the anecdotes and memories collected at this amazing camp.

One last thing to reminisce would be the Graduation Ceremony. With rhythm, laughter and pride we got our Superhero Certificates. A loud round of applause for all of us!

And the winner of the gem challenge was.... the Blue Team!! Congratulations!

Group pictures and goodbye!

We´d like to sincerely thank Marcus, Joshua, Martin, Max, Megan, Thomas and Steve for being so nice and enthusiastic all the time! Best counselors ever!
Thanks, Carla and Colonias de Inmersión al Idioma for a fantastic experience!

Can we go back yet?

viernes, 17 de agosto de 2018

Countdown to 5th and 6th forms´ immersion camp!!!

Yesterday afternoon, Joshua Bedson, one of the native counsellors that will share our English immersion camp with us, came to school to play some camp-like games, gave us our passports to go through Customs at The Borough, and showed us a video of the superheroes we will meet to try to find and defeat the villain!

We look forward to traveling to Mercedes soon!!

miércoles, 15 de agosto de 2018

Invisible friends in 1st form!

English Annual Project: Real Communication!

Learning to write is best done when there´s a genuine purpose, like writing to your friends, and when it is a game that parents and teachers play with you.

Dear families, thank you for your help and cooperation! Our first graders were more than excited to read and guess who their invisible friends were.

Answers from our penpals in Pehuajó!

English Annual Project: Real Communication!

It is really exciting to get a letter in the old traditional way... or that´s what our students from 3rd to 6th could experience when they received the answer to their letters from their penfriends in Pehuajó.
Letters, cards, photos and more!
Reading and writing for real purposes... real communication in English!