lunes, 3 de junio de 2013

Working on Pinocchio`s puppet!

 Nacho and Mateo showing their crafts!
 Mar working on her puppet.  She made hats for everyone!
 Juli, Luciano and Mateo at the back, showing their puppets!
 Santi and Thiago, very proud of their work!
 Mateo and Thiago preparing the setting...
 Cati, Soli, Agus, Mar and Minna showing their work-
 Mateo was so happy!
 All students showing their work
 Cati, your Pinocchio is great!
Mateo and Mar!

It was an interesting and funny experience!  You worked very well together and helped each other!  I`m so proud of you all!  Congrats!  Miss Cele.

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  1. Congrats on your great work, 2nd form!
    Learning English can be so much fun!

  2. Buenismas estas producciones!! f
    Felicitaciones 2nd form and Celes!!

  3. I loved those puppets! Congratulations!


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