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Book Week- April 21st to April 25th

 Since last week was Book Week, all our students worked on their reading skills, reflected on the habit of reading, discussed types of texts they like and shared a storytelling session with other classes.
Here are some photos showing how enjoyable these lessons were and how cooperatively they worked.

We are very proud of all of you! Congratulations!

4th form read The Rabbit and the Turtle to 1st form

4th form storytellers getting ready!

1st form pupils listened very attentively!

4th form students prepared big pictures of the main scenes to show while reading

1st form and 4th form students worked together on the after-reading activities!

Luli and Juana looked very concentrated, didn't they?

Mateo, Marina and Franco helping the little ones!

1st form children created lovely turtles!

Toby and Vigi were very happy with the visit

Cande, Juan and Tomi helping Mora, Luciana, Pedro and Mateo

Germán cutting out a turtle while Aaron and Lola keep colouring theirs'

5th form read Frog and Toad to 2nd form

5th form students going to 2nd form... how exciting!

All 5th form students read.

They took it in turns

They also showed pictures in the book

After listening to the story, 2nd form students drew their favourite scene

At the end of the session, the two classes went outside for a photo together!
What a fun afternoon!
6th form read The Lost Button to 3rd form

3rd form went to 6th form

It was nice to visit the oldest students of the school!

6th form students read in turns and 3rd form listened with dear attention

Emilio reading his part

3rd form pupils participated eagerly

They put their hands up and waited for their turn. Great!

Pedro reading his lines

Nahuel reading his!
After reading the story, they played a game of opposites to study the new vocabulary

And practised it by playing a memotest

There was full participation! Congrats!!!

Emilio brought some books from home to show everyone

3rd form students liked them a lot

Inglés Curricular

These are the reasons why they like reading written on the board

Valen and Jano reading a story called The Last Photo

After reading, they watched a video called The Joy of Books, which was a lead-in activity to compare and contrast paper books and e-books

I invite all classes to share comments on the experience! 

Did you like visiting other classes?
What did you learn by doing these activities?
Would you like to do it again in the future?

Thank you!

Congratulations again to all teachers on their hard work and commitment, and congratulations to our dear pupils on such outstanding performance!

All my love,


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  1. Asi que los de cuarto tambien participan muy bueno !!!!!!!!!!
    guau los felicito
    besitos xxx Valen
    pd:yo tambien tuve en el book week.

  2. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.


    We really enjoyed the story that fifth form told us!!!
    It taught us that we don´t have to leave things till tomorrow.
    We learnt new words like.... TOMORROW - FROG - TOG - WAKE UP - COME BACK- AND MUCH MORE!!!
    We would love to listen another story...Maybe about... GHOSTS ! WIZARDS! LOVE!




  4. Good job!!
    i m very happy,yay!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thank you Valen for writing on our blog. Next time we are going to comment first. It was a beautiful comment!!!!!
    Jano, Sofi and Jime
    We enjoyed the Book Week a lot! The story was was perfect!!!!!!!


    Sofi, Valen, Jano and Jime


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