sábado, 26 de septiembre de 2015

Spring Celebration 2015!

Last Monday we celebrated the arrival of Spring with games, music and a great snack! Here are some pics for you to have a look at how much fun and colour there was at the party!

Welcome Spring!! We made a beautiful tree for the entrance hall with leaves full of messages with our feelings and hopes for this spring.

The kids were grouped into 6 teams that rotated through the different stations...

Rock, Paper, Scissors. Station 1 with Agus

What time is it, T-Rex? Station 2 with Becca and Danka

Hula Hoop. Station 4 with Mica and Pau

Apples and Potatoes. Station 3 with Tati and Tuli

Peek-a-Who! Station 5 with Vero

License Plates. Station 6 with Pablo

Snack time!!!

7th form

5th form

4th form

3rd form

2nd form

1st form

6th form
Goodbye, Winter! Hello, Spring! A new start for everything!


The Kids and Teachers

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  1. Qué divertido! Excelente propuesta... felicitaciones a todo el equipo de inglés.
    Bienvenida Primavera.


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