viernes, 18 de marzo de 2016

Fun with Speaking and Writing in Third Form

In third form we know the importance of applying what we learn in English class. We also know that using English should be interesting, spontaneous, and sometimes a little silly. So, we would like to share some of favorite activities with you all from our first two weeks!

This year we use mini dry erase boards to show what we've learned. Recently, Miss Becca put pictures of different imperative commands on the board and we wrote the commands that she showed on our dry erase boards.
                                          Here's an example of a command we wrote. This one
                                          is "don't sit down".

While its lots of fun to use our dry erase boards to write in English, we understand the importance of speaking too. That's why we did an activity that allows us to speak and draw, one of our favorite past times. In this activity Becca showed us a picture of a nice classroom, but half of us could not see it! So, those of us who could see the classroom helped our partners out by telling them what to draw. Take a look!

Below is a short video clip where we show our speaking skills. We're really good at talking about our classroom! Becca is very proud of how much and how fast we learn.
We're looking forward to improving our English and having more fun in third form. Stay tuned and watch us learn together. 

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  1. ¡Muy buena idea Becca!
    Disfruten de esta propuesta.

  2. Super excellent!!! Third form, you´re doing great! I hope you continue enjoying your English classes so much!


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