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CREA celebrates!

Our new event in English takes place at the end of the first half of the year and is aimed at celebrating cultural differences as well as everything that was learnt and achieved in the English classes.

This year, the topic was Celebrations. Every class chose a festival from a country and investigated what is celebrated, when, where, who celebrates and how.

What follows is a selection of pics that show what each class decided to share at the event.

Have a look and celebrate with us!

1st form and Miss Tati
Lei Day. Hawaii, USA.

Some pupils told us some facts about Hawaii, and others sang and danced Pearly Shells.

They all wore leis (flower necklaces) and hula skirts that they made themselves!

2nd form and Miss Jime
The Carnival of Venice, Italy.

Venice is a very special place and 2nd form students told us why

We also learnt that there are different types of masks...

...and played a guessing game to discover who was behind each mask.

3rd form and Miss Becca
Independence Day, USA and ARGENTINA.

In such an important year for the celebration of our own independence, 3rd form learnt who was important in USA´s independence and how people celebrate it there. They then compared it to what they already knew about Argentina´s independence history. Finally, they danced Cotton Eye Joe following Becca´s steps!

4th form and Miss Paula
June Parties, BRAZIL.

4th form learnt about this celebration in both Englih and Portuguese classes. They shared with us lots of information about this cheerful party and showed some of the traditional games played in it. As you can see in the photos, they even dressed up as Brazilians do for the event.

5th form, Miss Gise and Miss Mica.
Holi, Festival of Colours. INDIA.

5th form explained to us the origins of the celebration by reading and interpreting the legend of Holika.

6th form and Agustín.
The Glorious Highland Games, SCOTLAND.

6th form started learning about the Glorious Highland Games before going to the immersion camp in Mercedes. In groups, they told us about Scotland, its flag, and the various games and customs in this old but fun tradition.

7th form and Pablo
KKNK, South Africa.

7th form began the investigation with the meaning and analysis of the apartheid system in South Africa. They learnt that its end gave birth to this celebration which still takes place today.

Congratulations to all our teachers for their commitment and hard work!
Congratulations to all our students for their curiosity and enthusiasm!

Happy Winter Holidays, everyone!

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  1. What an a amazing project! We are so interested for learn new things about the Highland Games and their places, CONGRATS FOR EVERYBODY!I AM SO HAPPY TO WORK IN THAT PROJECT!
    Happy Holidays!
    Valentina from sixth form

  2. ¡Qué celebraciones!
    Yo como mamá de Caetano me sumé a la invesrigación sobre Hawai pero leyendo este blogg es maravulliso
    Poder ver el trabajo realizado por todos los grados.

  3. ¡EXCELENTE TRABAJO! de cada uno de los integrantes. Los chicos y las familias investigaron y aprendieron muchísimo de esta innovadora propuesta.
    Destaco el amor, dedicación y trabajo de todos los docentes de inglés y de su coordinadora Fer... día tras día se los vio planificar, pensar, hacer y aprender para poder llevar a las aulas sus conocimientos y energías, para luego transmitírselas a los chicos.


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