martes, 10 de junio de 2014

English Immersion Camp- 5th and 6th forms

Study trip to Mercedes

From June 6th to June 8th, students from 5th and 6th form travelled to The Borough in Mercedes. There they met people from England, USA, South Africa and Ireland, as well as children from Milton school to take part in The Amazing Race.

As soon as we arrived, we promised to speak English during our stay at The Borough

And then we went through Customs, where they checked we didn´t have anything with Spanish inscriptions

We met our counsellors...

Right after that, we met the kids from the other school and we played games to learn their names

These are the teams that took part in the Amazing Race

On Day 1 we visited USA.

We played many very funny games, the War of Mud was one of our favourite ones!

We also applied for different jobs to take on the last day: bank teller, shop assistant, waiting staff, entertainers.

After dinner we sang and played round a bonfire, and we ate marshmallows!

On Day 2, we visited Ireland and learned Irish dancing...

and played many typical games...

In the evening, our Irish counsellors told us some Irish legends and then we created our own in teams!

On Day 3, we visited England and South Africa. The Queen of England visited us!

Imre taught us how to play cricket

Then we took our positions at the bank and shop, it was hard work!!

The last challenge was to make our teams´ coats of arms

The Yellow Team won the Amazing Race, but all of us got our certificates for attending the program

It was a fantastic experience! It was an awesome adventure!  It was an unforgettable trip!

Congratulations, everyone!!!!

All our love,

Celeste, Agustín and Fernanda

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  1. Que linda experiencia chicos y teachers!!!!!!!!!!!!! la verdad que lo que contaron me pareció fantastico , pero verlo....muchisimo mejor!
    Me emociona verlos disfrutar de estas experiencias , que ademas de ser experiencias de aprendizaje muy valiosas , son experiencias de vida que no van a olvidar !!! Gracias a todos por hacer posible este proyecto , que de ahora en más lo adoptaremos para continuar!!
    Muchas gracias especialmente a Fer , que con toda sus ganas y onda " tomo las riendas" desde el principio para hacerlo realidad, y a Celes y Agus por se parte y tener siempre la mejor predisposicion!!
    Vamos por más Colonias de Inmersión!!

  2. Hermosas fotos y experiencia. Felicitaciones equipo!!!

  3. Ayyy qué divertida esta experiencia! me impacta y me alegra verlos tan grandes e independientes.
    Esta fue una vivencia que va a quedar guardada en sus corazones y cuando sean adultos lo recordarán como un momento único compartido con sus amigos. Me encantó!

    Fer, Celes y Agus FELICITACIONES Y GRACIAS por el compromiso, entusiasmo y dedicación, hicieron un excelente trabajo.

  4. What a wonderful experience!!!
    I´m sure that you all have profited from this immerision camp!
    You´ll never forget about what you´ve learned and enjoyed at the same time!

    So nice to see these beautiful pictures guys! :)

    P.S: Congratulations on your superb job Agus, Cele and Fer!!

    Best wishes,

    Miss Micaela

  5. Hermoso todo!!!! Sabemos cuánto los disfrutaron!

  6. ¡Que buenas que están las fotos! Se ve que la pasaron muy lindo. Es una experiencia inolvidable.

  7. I liked it so much, I had a lot of fun!!!!!!. My mother is so angry beacuse my clothes were coverd with mud. I was happy beacuse I could understand all and iI could speak with the people of other countries
    Ian Fresco 6to


  9. It was indeed an amazing experience. And rest assure that many students are taking advantage of all what they learned and underwent and felt. I am very proud of teaching in 5th form. Thank you for this wonderful weekend.


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