jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2016

Welcome Spring!

Spring Celebration 2016

Spring has finally arrived and with it, lots of smiles, colours and laughter! Today´s afternoon, we celebrated by playing games in groups which were named after different flowers: The Roses, The Daisies, The Daffodils and The Tulips.

The games we played were great fun! Have a look!

The President´s Bodyguard by Miss Jime and Pablo

Red Light, Green Light! by Miss Becca and Agus

Sharks and Lifeguards by Miss Mica and Miss Danka

Elastic Squares by Miss Tati and Miss Pau

After the games we were tired and hot, so we cooled down with a relaxing and yummy picnic!

3rd form

4th form

6th form

7th form

5th form

1st and 2nd form

We want to thank María, Tuli, Nico and Malen for joining us all for this celebration!

Happy Spring, everyone!!

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