sábado, 22 de septiembre de 2018

Spring Celebration 2018

Our longed-for Spring Celebration, already a tradition at CREA School, was funnier than ever!

The teams this time were inspired on birds: The Humming Birds, The Robins, The Doves and The Sparrows all flew from one game station to the next with excitement and expectation.

These are the games we played:

After the fun games, we met for a delicious picnic!

And the best part of the party was the final dance! We gathered at the SUM for some cool moves!

Spring is here at last!! Enjoy the colours, the sweet perfume and the joy in the air!!

Happy Spring, everyone!!
The English Team

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  1. Cae me contó que pasaron un lindo momento.
    Gracias profes por acompañar al grupo en momentos divertidos y emocionantes.


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