lunes, 23 de junio de 2014

A little bit of Grammar! - 5th form

Here at fifth form we care about grammar a lot. That's why we embarked on making posters on different tenses and structures. Here we go.

 First, we cut up some colour papers to divide the structure and the sentence.

Then, we researched a bit on wh-words and their different meanings.

After that, we started to design the poster and the heading.

Everything was starting to take shape.

The old poster we did about going to...

The research kept on going, sheding light to important results.

 Our designers did a great job, but the poster wasn't still finished...

...because of the slips of paper!

Research complete!

Still some work to do...

And here you have the result of a full hour of hard work. Congratulations, fifth form!!!

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  1. Fifth form, you keep on making me proud of your commitment and hard work!!

  2. ¡Qué buen machete! perfecto para aprender sobre gramática. Los felicito.

  3. it`s a beatifull project!!!!!
    Marti G

  4. The work is beatiful and now I remember more the Wh-Word! :D

    Juan Mamianetti 5ª

  5. This work was exiting and beautifull

  6. Its easy work and intresting but is a little boring sometimes


  7. its amazing and easy but is beautifull.

    Gianluca Dalessio 5ª

  8. I liked this activity because we worked in groups!
    Paz 5

  9. I liked it because now it is easier to remember :D

    Juli 5º

  10. I enjoyed this activity because it is easy to do and fun too!

    Martu Z

  11. it is a beautiful and useful poster!
    Fernan Rodriguez

  12. i enjoyed this activity now with the poster is more easy to remember the Wh structure some times is boring but this time is very good

    juan pablo 5

  13. To see you working with such commitment and dedication makes me really proud. It's a pleasure to be your teacher, I feel really honoured to witness your development and happiness inside the classroom. I know that these topics may be a little boring, but you'll see how important they are in a couple of months. Thank you all, kids.


  14. GREAT JOB KIDS!!!! You're such a wonderful group!

  15. Well done guys! I agree fully with your teacher: sometimes that topic may be boring but you´ll see how important and useful it really is!
    Great job fifth and Agus! :)


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