viernes, 15 de abril de 2016

Creating Characters in Third Form

Our class has a lot of amazing qualities that make our teacher's job easy. We are fun loving, charismatic, inquisitive, and hard working. We are always up for a challenge and on top of all of this, we are extremely creative. Learning English is hard work but we don't mind. Sometimes it is even tedious. We make some errors but we keep trying until we get it down. But what we know best is that when something is complicated it is best to let our creativity shine a light on our path to discovery. That's why we created characters to help us apply the third person present simple.

Last week we wrote stories about our own daily routines. However, this week we upped the ante. Miss Becca put us in groups of four and asked us to create a character and write a story about their daily routines. It was quite the process! We thought of ideas for names, voted for the final character, and deliberated what they do and when they do it, and made an outline before drafting the final story. Everyone had a job as well. Some of us were secretaries, others helped make a timeline. Some of use drew and others still wrote the final story. Regardless of the role we played we all worked together to create interesting characters, awesome stories, and we let our knowledge of English and our creativity shine. Take a look!

This group created a character which was a mixture of every member. 

 Here, Bauti creates the final draft of the group's story based on their outline. The writing process is meticulous work but we saw that it has great outcomes!
This group puts the final touches on their character. Tifani Super Steve.  
This group works on the prototype of their character. 

This group maps out what they want their character, Luke, a University student, to look like. It looks like they're deep in their artistic process! Great job guys!

This group puts Tifani Super Steve together. She/he is a hybrid person. How creative!

Through this activity we learned how to draft what we write. We learned how to organize our thoughts before putting them to paper so that writing full paragraphs in English is not such a daunting task. We also learned how to collaborate, cooperate, and hone our creativity in groups to let the ideas and personalities of each group member be seen, heard, respected, and recognized. We'll leave you with an introduction to Tifani Super Steve and her/his daily routines. Sending you all lots of love from third form! 

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  1. I believe this group has a bright future! Keep on working hard! thank you Becca!

  2. ¡Qué buenos personajes! ¡Cuánta creatividad!Becca sigan por este camino... donde el aprendizaje se hace divertido y necesario.

  3. Awesome!!!!!! Congrats, 3rd form and Becca!!! Outstanding work!


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