martes, 31 de mayo de 2016

"...and you?" Getting to know each other in Third Form.

In third form we work hard, really hard. Our afternoons are chock-full of acquiring a new language and new tricks in Chess and Circus. While we value the new grammatical forms that we are gaining an understanding on, we realize the best way we can deeply learn our new skills in English is by using them in real life situations. So, we need to speak, a lot! And who better to practice with than our friends in class!  We get a lot of opportunities to show Miss Becca that we can speak English in class. But just speaking a sentence or two in isolation isn't enough. No, we need to have full conversations. So recently we've done some activities where we do just that. One activity that we have done is find a partner and have a small conversation. We asked them about their likes and dislikes. We learned a lot about each other! Have a look at the video below!

Another activity we did to practice speaking involved reading. We read some facts about some animals. At the end there were some questions. We rolled the dice and ask our partners to ask the questions that corresponded with the dice. They answered based on the reading. If only all of our conversations could be a game! Take a look!

In conclusion, we hope that you enjoyed watching us speak English as much as we Enjoy speaking it. Tune in to see what we come up with next!

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  1. I feel so proud of all of you!! You can already speak so much English! I love listening to you!!
    Congrats, 3rd form and Becca!


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